About Us | Sapa Landscapes Team

Who are we?
Mr Linh started out as a young man who dreamed of being a tour guide, connecting international travellers with the amazing people and places of Vietnam. The business began life on the shores of Ba Be Lake, in Ba Be National Park, when Linh opened Mr Linh's Homestay and the Ba Be Tourism Centre. Linh wanted to create a tourism industry that would show people the beauty of Ba Be whilst also supporting the community and respecting the environment. Both ventures proved a great success, and it wasn't long before Linh was opening his office in Hanoi. This time he was taking on the challenge of connecting travellers with the other remote areas of northern Vietnam, including Sapa.
The team at Mr Linh's Adventures is made up of a close-knit network that functions like a family. Linh aims to hire local people, who can share their invaluable local knowledge with travellers whilst helping to develop their local communities. In Sapa, Linh spent three years researching the area and connecting with local people in order to build a network of local guides and homestays. We feel that staying with local families and having local tour guides is the only way of truly experiencing the culture. It also benefits local communities, allowing our guides and hosts to better the lives of their families and communities.

Why choose us?
We value and respect the art of travel. Our group tours are from range from 2-10 people. We feel that small, intimate groups create a much better atmosphere for travelling. You have plenty of time to talk to the guide, without feeling like you are being herded from one sight to the next. Also by travelling with us, you can be sure you that you are supporting local communities. Where at all possible we use local guides, local homestays and local produce to keep to our ideals of ethical travel.
We also aim to give you an authentic Vietnamese experience. We have dedicated a lot of time into researching and putting together our tours in the remote areas of Vietnam, as we feel this is where you can really experience Vietnamese culture. We aim to get away from the usual tourist routes and take you off the beaten track, to the places other can't reach.
Lastly, we take travel seriously. We hold an international license which allows us to operate tours all over Vietnam. Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities. We do the hard work so you can enjoy your unforgettable adventure.

Why travel to Sapa?
There is a reason Sapa has become one of the most popular destinations in the whole of Vietnam. The landscapes are carved with soaring mountains and painted with the patterns endless terraced paddies, which change colour with the seasons. As you trek through these incredible mountainscapes, you will also get to visit the traditional villages and learn about the different ethnic groups living in Sapa. By staying with local families, you will discover the customs, religions and traditional crafts that have been preserved for hundreds of years. Whilst some areas of Sapa are now aimed primarily at tourists, we aim to take you away from the crowds and into the small, authentic villages.   
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